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我不曉得馬政府裡的數千個位子是怎麼分配的,不過,Obama 當選後所推出的 上,則是公開招募有志之士為他工作。

Applicants for any of these non-career positions - whether in the White House or in any Federal Department, Agency or Commission - should use this website, as applying on-line is the fastest and most accurate way to get your information to us.

看起來,他真的會是美國第一個 TechPresident


When I was young, I would think Obama want to hire great persons from all American.

However I am at age of 35, I will know he is only young and NO enough trusted persons around him.

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i have read in the indian news papar that applications are being invited for placement in white from all over the can i post my resume

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