Dr. Michael R. Nelson 看網路X選舉

NII產業發展協進會/數位典藏與學習之學術與社會應用推廣分項計畫,請了歐巴馬的網路科技顧問 Dr. Michael R. Nelson演講,THE CROWD AND THE CLOUD: THE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET ON U.S. PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS,非常棒,可惜宣傳不佳,只有少少幾個人在台大國發所小小的教室裡聽到。會後拿到簡報檔,摘錄一些重點:

Keys to Success

  • Clear vision and goals effectively communicated—over and over and over
  • Flexibility to allow team members to find new ways to achieve the goals
  • Talented people
    (who attract other talented people)
  • Free flow of information
    • So good decisions are made quickly
    • So bad ideas are spotted early and corrected

Challenges for campaigns

  • Picking the right technologies, esp. for cloud services
  • Being flexible but not stupid
  • Keeping information channels open
  • Ensuring security of IT systems and information
  • Installing a common vision and esprit de corps

The really big question

  • How will Obama’s Internet campaign shape the way he governs?
  • He knows he won because of the Net , the crowd, and the Cloud
  • He’ll be the first Internet president:
    • More high-level focus on IT, S&T issues
    • Better people in tech policy positions
    • More investment in R&D and IT infrastructure
  • Millions of Obama supporters ready to help

Roles for Mybarack.commy.barackobama.com

  • More than 3 million person on-line army
    • Almost unlimited source of advice and ideas
    • Potential for frustration re: narrow issues
    • Independent efforts growing
    • Change.gov and change.com
    • Possible source of millions of amateur lobbyists
    • Mobilize for local action?


  • The Internet Revolution is less than 15% complete
  • We’ve seen less than 10% of the Net’s potential impact on US politics
  • Wiki-style politics unleashes the “wisdom of crowds”—and the “power of crowds”
  • Cloud computing will “change the game”
  • When in doubt, empower the citizen!

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