H-FOSS - Code of Conduct

看到 Humanitarian-ict.org 的 wiki 裡,有一篇關於行為準則的文章,除了提到 Alignment to Red Cross Code of Conduct 之外,還有 A Recommended Code of Conduct for Open Source Community Contributors,值得思考:

  1. Keep tools simple, usability the focus and end users and alleviation of suffering for victims the goal
  2. Strive to collaborate and integrate with our H-FOSS and other aligned solution providers to provide a holistic solution even if it means there is some mutual redundancy (which is positive)
  3. Support Open Standards and look to implement and test them with others in advance in your H-FOSS product
  4. Adhere to globally and local rules of respect and etiquette in your interactions with other developers, users, responders, etc. Strive to understand their point of view that may bias their preferences.
  5. Understands the client. Let the system adopt to their ways of doing things and not the other way around.
  6. Implementation biases and commercial interests should be avoided as much as possible in the solutions you recommend
  7. Actively share your knowledge and best practices with other projects and encourage reuse
  8. Try your best to help but work towards not becoming a bottleneck or single point of failure during a disaster response effort. You can do this by keeping your solutions simple (KISS), providing clear developer documentation.
  9. If you are volunteering to respond, make a commitment and make sure you understand what is expected of you and that you can commit that time for the expected duration
  10. If you know your tool has major points of failure, do not gloss over them but ensure you set that expectation with users during a response effort. It might still be the best option.
  11. Support and promote local capacity and diversity in your community and support infrastructure. Any form of harassment is completely unacceptable


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