Campaign Finance 2.0:小額募款力量大?

在一場名為 Money in Politics 2009: New Horizons for Reform 的研討會,Michael Malbin 發表了一份關於歐巴馬募款的研究報告,
SMALL DONORS, LARGE DONORS AND THE INTERNET:The Case for Public Financing after Obama。有一個有趣的問題是,要仰賴小額募款,需要能見度(捐款人數),但是在選舉初期,這個能見度可能就需要靠少數人的大額捐款來打開市場。所以,這是先有雞、還是先有蛋的問題嗎?

歐巴馬募款機 - 捐五美元就可參加抽獎


Between now and January 8th, 10 supporters and their guests will be selected to join the Inaugural activities.

If you make a donation -- in any amount -- to make the Inauguration a success, you and a guest could be flown to Washington, D.C., put up in a hotel, and be there as Barack is sworn in as the 44th President.

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