大誌雜誌 20010 年十一月號勘誤




2010 年六月底改版上線的總統府網站,著實讓不少人(總統府官員/承包商)吃了一斤(大便)。手機中還有手機的手機版網站,應該作為台灣網路界的國恥來紀念。


VoIP Watch - Creative Video Blogging and The New "Instant Journalism"

With blogging, podcasting and video blogging from anywhere there's an IP connection, we have entered an era of "Instant Jouralism" and of "just in time" distribution of news content.

Google - fy instant:

gadget -> plugin, widget -> widset

private -> public
web -> mobile

Google - Now You Can Have Google Gadgets on Your Webpage

Google Gadgets for your webpage can help make a site dynamic and rich with content. Google Gadgets, which have long been available for users to add to the Google homepage and Google Desktop, are now available for webpage owners to add to their own webpages.

O'reilly Radar - Mobile 2.0: Nokia launches WidSets

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